The Geneva Motor Show officially wrapped up on Sunday. This annual show might just be the only place on Earth at which you'll see one of the world's fastest hypercars, a 1960s concept car you saw one time years ago in an exotic car book, and a real, actual flying car ... all within the first 45 seconds of walking through the doors. That's exactly how our trip to this year's Geneva show played out, and the rest of the two days that followed were filled with plenty of other highlights. We've detailed the concept cars, the supercars, and the adventure vehicles, and now that the show is officially over, we take one last look back.

Welcome to Geneva 2018

The first thing to draw our attention when we stepped off the escalator and into the show was the bright-yellow Hennessey Venom F5, the 1,600-hp hypercar that aims to be the very first to make it across the 300-mph (482-kmh) line. After Koenigsegg's record last year, the production car speed record competition feels like it's about to crank up to scorching.

After snapping some shots of the Venom F5, we turned and saw an incredible collection of concept cars from Geneva Motor Shows of years past. The one that really caught our eye was the 1967 Bertone Lamborghini Marzal. A sexy Italian beauty it is not, but we remember the Mylar blanket-look seats shining through the crystal-clear glass vividly from The Complete Book of Lamborghini we used to flip through furiously during childhood.

Then, something red and oddly shaped caught the edge of our eye – an actual flying car! The PAL-V Liberty makes an appearance in production-ready form, and it isn't even the only flying car to grace the show (there was also the Pop.Up Next concept). The flying cars we all dreamed of as kids might finally be taking off.

The show goes on

We walked onward, to a big surprise from Aston Martin: the Valkyrie AMR Pro would have been a booth-anchoring debut by itself, but Aston also looks into the crystal ball with the Lagonda Vision Concept.

From there, the show floor opened its arms with wild and weird concept cars, insanely powerful hypercars and gorgeous sports cars, reinvented classics, production vehicle debuts, and a whole lot more. A few other highlights we haven't yet touched upon yet:

Morgan Aero GT

Morgan bids adieu to its Aero 8 with the special-edition Aero GT coupe, its most extreme road-going model to date. The classic lines and swoops of the Aero 8 get interrupted with modern upgrades such as a rear diffuser and fender vents. Only eight models of the 367-hp Aero GT will be offered, each costing £120,000 (about US$168,500).

Purple people mover

Morgan wasn't the only marque showing a dramatically fendered, modernly powered retro-coupe. After revealing its Black Cuillin at last year's show, Eadon Green was back with the more performance-focused but equally purple Zeclat. GM's LT1 engine is rumbling between those huge fenders, putting out 460 hp and inspiring a 3.6-second 0-60 mph (96.5 km/h).

The really green vehicles of the show

It may be the Geneva Motor Show, but there were a few vehicles that go without. The most striking bicycle we saw was probably the PG Bugatti, but then we remembered its $39,000 price tag ... crazy talk. So we instead turn our focus to Bridgestone's Air Free concept – leaving flat tires a mere memory has to actually be worth nearly $39,000 (but not quite).

We could yammer on and on, but you'll get a fuller, more concise story from the photo gallery.

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