Moby1 is offering a new take on the traditional teardrop trailer, with a range of compact models that are specifically designed for off-road touring. These teardrop trailers are not only lightweight, but also offer campers extra cargo space, a flexible load-carrying platform, a meal preparation area and cooking station, and a standard mattress. Teardrops were most popular during the 30s through to the 50s, but slowly faded out of fashion as campers grew larger and RVs became super-sized. With current fuel prices, however, the teardrop trailer is starting to make more sense for the environmentally-conscious camper.

At the top of the range is the XTR, an expedition-capable trailer that is capable of tackling difficult terrain. It comes fully self-contained and includes a rooftop tent, a sink with running hot and cold water, cabin heater, outdoor shower, free standing awning, cabin air conditioning, solar panels, portable toilet and generator. Furthermore, with 4-5 inches (10-13 cm) of coil-suspended travel on independent A-arms with adjustable shocks, the XTR is designed to travel smoothly across rough terrain. The frame also features severe-duty reinforcements for durability, protection and long life in rough service conditions.

A tier down is the XC trailer, capable of touring paved roads or driving off the beaten track to explore remote locations. It comes equipped with rubber torsion axles, which help absorb and dampen bumps and vibrations. The XC comes standard with all-terrain tires, high ground clearances, heavy duty fenders and a strengthened frame for rough conditions. Like its sibling the XTR, the XC can be fully equipped for serious back country adventure travel. The XC is also available in a shorter version (81 inches/2.05 meters), which is still big enough to snugly fit a normal-sized mattress. The half galley includes cabinets similar to the other models for storage, and space for meal preparation.

All compact trailers come standard with a real mattress

At the lower end, the RT (Road Tour) is aimed at touring paved roads and stopping at traditional campgrounds. Similar to the full-sized models, the RT is equipped with a full size galley, and has cabinetry in both the galley and the cabin compartments. It can be modified to include any number of options such as roof racks, roof top tents, sunroof, stereo/DVD players and even running water. The RT also comes with the option of wheels and tires specified to match your vehicle, making the trailer compatible with whatever you choose to drive.

Finally, the C2 is a compact trailer that is suitable for towing behind a motorbike or a compact car. With a short body (80 inches/2 meters) it just covers the full length of a mattress. Weighing in less than 300 pounds (136 kg), it offers campers more flexibility and fuel savings. Available in two different widths (40 in/101 cm or 48 in/122 cm), this trailer has a half galley with cabinets, a countertop workspace for cooking, and interior cabinets for storage.

All models can be custom-fitted to suit individual needs. Moby1 Expedition trailer prices range from US$15,500 for the XTR, $10,500 for the XC, $8,500 for the RT and $5,500 for the C2.

Source: Moby1

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