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From the first steam-powered vehicle, through the introduction of affordable mass-produced gas-guzzlers, to the latest futuristic flying car concepts, humankind's love affair with all things automotive shows no signs of abating. After more than a century of fossil fuel-powered dominance the automobile is in for a serious overhaul; electric and hydrogen-powered cars have arrived and fast developing self-driving capabilities may relegate us all to the back seat. New Atlas keeps you up to date on new cars, concepts, EVs and the latest automotive news including test drives, reviews and coverage of all the major auto shows around the globe.
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Up close with the 2019 Ford Ranger

Absent from the US market since 2011, Ford's mid-size pickup has been hugely popular as a twin-cab utility pickup elsewhere in the world. Now the Ranger's back on home turf, and we had a chance to get up close and personal at the International off-road and UTV expo in Scottsdale.

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