There's a whole of heap of new automotive hardware to dissect from this year's Paris Motor Show. We'll get to the SUVs, autonomous concepts and daily commuters in due time, but Paris is first and foremost a world capital of art, fashion and sexiness ... so the only place to start is with the hottest, sportiest cars of the show. And you don't have to look hard to find them - the show floor is covered in supercars, roadsters, hot hatches, retro-inspired sports concepts and even a Nürburgring champion or two.

Despite a number of prominent automakers skipping this year's Paris show, there are still plenty of debuts and new vehicles to keep the auto fanatic busy - sports cars of all shapes and sizes landing high on the priority list.

From reimagined sports estates, to single-seat barchettas, to F1-derived sports coupes, to retro-electro concept cars, Paris has a truly eclectic mix of gorgeous cars on display. Jump to the 2018 Paris Motor Show gallery and check out each and every one.

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