The Geneva Motor Show is usually the year's best stop for brand-new hypercars, street racers and high-performance GTs of all styles and powertrain types. The 2019 show merely confirms the Swiss show's position at the top of the heap, serving as the premiere grounds for halo hypercars from well-established marques, electric performance cars from complete newcomers, some very strange high-horsepower drivable artwork and a whole lot more. This year's show even includes the world's most expensive new car. Come see what happens when thousands upon thousands of horses breed under the direction of millions upon millions of dollars.

Ordinarily we'd pick out a few highlights, but we're minutes from initiating the train, plane and Uber journey back home from Geneva, so we'll let the photos do all the talking this time 'round. And they have plenty to say, highlighting some of the latest technology and design innovation across the performance sports car world, from thousands of horsepower worth of torque-vectoring, all-wheel electric drive technology to a methanol fuel cell powertrain offering over 500 miles of range on three-minute fuel-ups.

Oh, and if you prefer more down-to-earth sports cars that you have a chance at owning without having the ultimate fully sustainable world energy solution divined upon you, we've mixed in a strategic allotment of those, too. Just jump to the gallery and take it all in — you won't have another opportunity quite like it until Geneva 2020 comes rolling around next March.

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