Tiny quantum fluctuations observed moving 40-kg mirror

July 01, 2020
Classical physics describes how large objects and systems work on an everyday scale, while quantum physics describes the “spooky” subatomic world. Now scientists have observed a rare crossover where a quantum fluctuation affected a macroscale object.

Age-related vision loss prevented by exercise in experimental study

July 01, 2020
Studies have seen physical activity slow age-related vision loss, but it hasn’t been clear how causal that relationship has been. New research is now offering the first evidence to show how exercise can directly slow, or prevent, macular degeneration.

Embassy Sport camper van pushes the party outside with tailgate deck

July 01, 2020
The indoor/outdoor camper has been a growing trend, encouraging occupants to cook, eat and spend time outside. The Embassy Traveler Sport camper van features loads of outdoor living with its available rear deck and side entertainment area.

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