New discovery may make losing weight and keeping it off much easier

March 26, 2023
One of the biggest struggles of weight loss is maintaining it long term, but scientists have identified the neural pathway in the brain that changes during dieting, and inhibiting this connection could make it much easier to keep the pounds at bay.

More magnesium may mean better brain health, especially for women

March 26, 2023
Dementia is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. With no available cure, the focus has shifted to prevention. A study has provided new evidence about the link between magnesium intake and brain health.

Ford's next-gen T3 e-pickup to be a self-driving "Millennium Falcon"

March 24, 2023
Despite this week projecting a $3-billion loss this year on EV sales, Ford has no intention of shying away from the electric future. It announced Friday that it's working to "revolutionize America's truck" with a next-gen EV pickup code-named Project T3.

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