Novel Alzheimer's treatment clears brain plaques with light and oxygen

April 13, 2021
Scientists at the University of Tokyo have come up with novel approach to tackling brain plaques associated with Alzheimer's, clearing them through the use of injectable, oxygenated atoms that are activated by infrared light.

Hyundai specs its otherworldly Staria van and previews camper car

April 13, 2021
Hyundai brought some rare excitement and buzz to the minivan segment last month when it previewed the all-new Staria. Now it follows up by filling in all the details about its latest MPV and previewing a camper van version.

Study links poor diet to pro-inflammatory gut bacteria

April 13, 2021
New research is offering insights into the relationship between diet, gut bacteria, and intestinal inflammation. The study found consistent associations between pro-inflammatory bacterial species and diets high in fast food, sugar and animal products.

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