World's largest aquarium nears completion in Abu Dhabi

October 26, 2021
A massive marine park entering its final phase of construction in the United Arab Emirates will invite visitors to enjoy an aquarium housing an astounding 68,000 marine animals once completed sometime next year.

How a COVID-19 vaccine trial error led to an unexpected discovery

October 26, 2021
A dosing error during AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine trial unexpectedly led to better results, and now researchers have replicated those accidental findings to show some vaccines may be more effective if the first dose is much lower than the second.

Flip90 VW truck camper rotates into roomy backcountry cabin

October 26, 2021
Squeezing a bathroom into a pickup camper without making the truck a big, lumbering beast on road and trail is no easy task. The Flip90's power-rotating design creates a hard-sided shower/toilet room that also adds elbow room and indoor cooking.

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