The 100-km/h eSkootr Championship race series looks absolutely bonkers

July 09, 2020
Electric kick scoots accelerating to a frenetic 100 km/h (62 mph) on the straights, with leather-clad riders doing whatever the hell it takes to get one of those things slowed down and around the bends at race pace. This is going to be nuts.

Super white paint leans on Teflon to reflect up to 98% of the Sun's heat

July 09, 2020
A team of material scientists from the University of California, Los Angeles is reporting a major advance in the area of reflective coatings for buildings, producing a new kind of super white paint that reflects almost all incoming radiation from Sun.

Skai revises targets for its liquid-hydrogen, long-range eVTOL

July 09, 2020
Progress hasn't come as quickly as expected, but Skai remains committed to pioneering liquid hydrogen as a power source for its ultra-long range eVTOL air taxis, which will travel vastly longer distances than anything with a lithium battery system.

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