Jaunt’s ROSA gyrodyne: The first eVTOL air taxi that actually looks safe

April 02, 2020
This eVTOL air taxi design looks like a weird helicopter/plane hybrid, but it's the safest of all the eVTOL designs we've ever seen, and it has another killer advantage in that it requires no special certification. Very cool news for 3D commuting.

Kidney stone drug found to starve pancreatic cancer cells to death

April 02, 2020
A research team at Columbia University has made an exciting discovery, finding that a compound currently under development for a rare kidney stone disease can starve pancreatic cancer cells of a key amino acid they depend on for survival.

Blood-based biomarker discovery points to early-stage Alzheimer’s test

April 02, 2020
New research is suggesting high levels of a certain blood-based biomarker may serve as an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease, two years before symptoms develop. The preliminary study has yet to be verified in larger cohorts of patients.

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