A closer look at Hyundai's joystick-controlled Prophecy EV concept

April 07, 2020
We saw the renders last month, and now Hyundai has made an online debut for its rather charming Prophecy concept. Styled to echo the Art Deco era, it foresees a world where joysticks replace the steering wheel as your primary driver to car interface.

The 500-million-year-old reason behind the unique scent of rain

April 06, 2020
New research from an international team of scientists is suggesting that instantly recognizable earthy smell after rain is released by bacteria trying to attract a particular arthropod as a way to spread its spores.

Modern iron lung designed to address ventilator shortage

April 06, 2020
British engineers are developing a modern version of the Negative Pressure Ventilator (NPV), more popularly known as the "iron lung," to provide COVID-19 patients under the care of the NHS with a simple, inexpensive alternative to ventilators.

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