Tiny worlds: The winners of the 2020 Macro Art Photography Awards

August 09, 2020
The mind-bending winners of the 2020 Macro Art Photo Awards offer a surreal assortment of images. From a close-up of tree bark made to resemble landscape drone photography, to some glimpses of mischievous tree frogs, this macro photography contest is an annual highlight for fans of tiny things made large.

Dream state brainwave pattern detected for the first time

August 09, 2020
A new study has, for the first time, homed in on a novel EEG signature that can identify when a subject is in an REM sleep stage. Prior to this, scientists were unable to differentiate between dreaming and waking states using EEG brainwave data alone.

KTM pulls off stunning first-ever MotoGP win

August 09, 2020
Should the rest of the field be sweating? In only its fourth season at the top level of road racing, Austrian manufacturer KTM has won its first race – with rookie rider Brad Binder also delivering South Africa's first race winner in MotoGP history.

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