Tesla Cybertruck: Revenge of the nerds makes a smashingly awkward debut

November 21, 2019
It was set up to be the ultimate nerd movie showdown: a bare-faced challenge to the masculinity of America and a re-definition of the word "tough." But Elon Musk's reveal of the super-weird new Cybertruck accidentally gave itself a wedgie.

Gene editing babies for height or IQ still science fiction, says study

November 21, 2019
A new study from an international team of geneticists is suggesting we are further away than many realize from being able to effectively genetically select for complex polygenic traits such as IQ or height and create designer babies.

Promising new antibiotic discovered in worm gut microbiome

November 21, 2019
Researchers at Northeastern University have discovered a new antibiotic called darobactin, hiding in the gut of a tiny, soil-dwelling, parasitic worm. Tests on mice have so far proved promising against gram-negative bacteria.

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