1,300 miles to a tank - BYD's new hybrids don't care about your bladder

May 29, 2024
Yes, you read that correctly, 1,300 miles (nearly 2,100 km) before you have to refuel or charge it. BYD – the world's leader in EV car sales having recently surpassed Tesla – released its 5th-generation "DM" Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

World-first tooth-regrowing drug will be given to humans in September

May 28, 2024
The world's first human trial of a drug that can regenerate teeth will begin in a few months, less than a year on from news of its success in animals. This paves the way for the medicine to be commercially available as early as 2030.

MutiFlex multitool packs a swack of features into a proper-sized flashlight

May 29, 2024
Although many multitools include flashlights, they're often puny penlight-like things. The MutiFlex 13-in-1 Flashlight is different, in that it features a big ol' 1,000-lumen torch along with 12 (ish) other functions.

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