Light-activated concrete scrubs air pollution out of traffic tunnels

June 06, 2023
Traffic is among the biggest sources of air pollution, but what if the very roads they drive on could help clear the air? Engineers in Korea have now demonstrated that photocatalytic concrete can help reduce pollution in tunnels.

Floating Bamboo House promises flexibility in face of climate change

June 06, 2023
Vietnam's H&P Architects has produced a prototype floating dwelling that's made from bamboo. It's envisioned for river-based populations under threat from climate change, especially those living on and around the country's Mekong Delta.

Kawasaki leans into electric mobility with Noslisu e-trikes

June 06, 2023
Kawasaki has rode into the electric mobility space with three new models – sadly not the Ninja BEV previewed at last year's EICMA expo, but with the launch of the Noslisu series electric tilting three-wheelers on its home turf.

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