Tiny spaces, big ideas: 2022 Shed of the Year finalists announced

June 24, 2022
This year's Shed of the Year finalists have been announced. Packed full of interesting designs by passionate amateurs working to a shoestring budget, highlights include an aircraft hangar-like build and a creation inspired by historic buildings.

Lockheed Martin lifts lid on Top Gun's Darkstar hypersonic jet concept

June 23, 2022
"Top Gun: Maverick" has quickly become a monumental success at the box office, but the film's producers couldn't have done it without leveraging the expertise of some of the world's foremost experts in all things aerospace from Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.

Cement formed with biogenic limestone promises carbon-neutral concrete

June 23, 2022
Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder claim to have uncovered a greener form of cement production by tapping into a species of cloudy microalgae that naturally produce limestone particles through photosynthesis.

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