ESA solves the riddle of why the Huygens probe spun the wrong way

January 18, 2020
ESA engineers have determined why the space agency's Huygens probe suddenly began spinning the wrong way 15 years ago as it descended to the surface of Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The reversal could have implications for future space missions.

Affinity camper van modernizes family camping

January 17, 2020
With #vanlife shining a spotlight on camper vans, manufacturers have been moving conversions upmarket, creating vans that look and live like larger motorhomes. Affinity's version has convertible bunk beds and a bedroom with en suite bathroom.

USAF completes ground tests of hypersonic flight research rocket

January 17, 2020
The US Air Force has completed ground test firings at Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville, Florida, of a new rocket designed to provide affordable access to hypersonic flight conditions to accelerate development of the technology.

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