$1-million Unimog RV gentrifies unwelcoming lands in ultramodern style

December 02, 2021
Germany's Stone Offroad Design super-sizes its all-terrain camper game with the new Rise 4x4. The adventure motorhome tasks a Mercedes Unimog with carrying a sleek, pop-up mini-apartment to make home out of the most hostile terrain on or off the map.

Pfizer vs Moderna: Harvard study compares the two mRNA COVID vaccines

December 01, 2021
A new study that is the first to pit Moderna and Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccines against each other in an efficacy face-off found both vaccines are incredibly effective but Moderna’s candidate is marginally better at preventing COVID-19 infections.

While adults wait for the Cyberquad, Tesla treats kids to mini electric ATV

December 02, 2021
A little over two years after Tesla demonstrated a very shapely full-sized Cyberquad electric ATV when launching its angular electric Cybertruck, a mini version for kids has gone up for sale on the company's webshop for US$1,900.

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