Ford mini-camper goes full Swiss Army to transport 9, sleep 4

October 21, 2021
Some camper vans double as 6-, 7- or even 8-seat minivans. The Southvan Allrounder beats them all, carrying up to 9 people without even converting out of camper mode. It might be the world's most versatile MPV for camping, daily driving and cargo.

Are some people genetically resistant to COVID-19?

October 21, 2021
An international collaborative effort is investigating whether specific genetic characteristics can make someone resistant to SARS-CoV-2 infection. The goal is to understand why some people seem naturally immune to this new virus.

Jetson One personal eVTOL looks like a ton of fun to fly

October 21, 2021
If anyone can think of a more perfect name for a personal eVTOL, we're listening! Sweden's Jetson Aero has already sold out the 2022 production run of this cute little single-seat kit build, which is capable of zooming along at 63 mph.

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