Astronomers watch galaxies suddenly fire up into quasars

Normally things happen slowly out in space. It can take thousands, millions or even billions of years for stars and galaxies to evolve. But now astronomers have spotted an event that was thought to happen over millennia play out in a matter of months, as a usually-quiet galaxy suddenly fired up into an energetic quasar – and not just once, but in six different cases.
Hobbit Hole-inspired Bux End takes 2019 Shed of the Year
The winner of the 2019 Cuprinol Shed of the Year has been announced. Buxton, Derbyshire's Chris Hield got the nod for his Hobbit-inspired Bux End.
Extremely promising new herpes vaccine moves closer to human trials
A novel herpes vaccine has achieved a nearly 100-percent success rate in animal testing, with researchers hoping to soon move into human safety and efficacy trials.
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