It's January in Las Vegas and tech innovators from around the globe have gathered to showcase their wares at CES. From walking cars to roll-up TVs, here's New Atlas' pick of the best new product ideas on display.

We look at many camping trailers at many events throughout the year, but one place we did not expect to see a single camping trailer on show was CES. But BMW's design arm has teamed with The North Face to create the collapsible Futurelight teardrop trailer concept. Full Story

As CES winds down for another year, there are still a few more gadgets for us to draw your attention to from the huge tech expo – including this mammoth 49-inch ultra-wide monitor from the Philips Brilliance series. Not only does it do the job of two monitors, it'll log you into Windows as well. Full Story

The Nevada desert is not the place you'd expect to find the world's most intelligent yacht, but that's exactly where she's docked right now. The first ever yacht to appear at CES, the US$5 million Furrion Adonis provides luxury and convenience above and beyond other yachts. Full Story

Google Assistant, once again, is getting smarter. At the CES tech show in Las Vegas, Google has announced a slew of new features coming to the AI-driven digital assistant across smartphones, smart speakers, and smart home devices – including more real-time language translation. Full Story

It's hideously expensive, underpowered and doesn't go very far on a charge, and yet there's a lot to like about this German electric motorcycle, starting out with its obsessively engineered good looks, its incredibly light weight and the way it blurs the line between ebike and motorcycle. Full Story

With a bunch of digital cameras now able to record video is glorious 4K UHD resolution, even the highest capacity memory cards may start to tremble. Lexar is looking to ease storage anxiety by revealing the Professional 633x SDXC UHS-1 card, which crams in a terabyte of solid state memory. Full Story

Imagine if an emergency vehicle could not only bring the team to the edge of the disaster zone but actually step right in, striding over top flaming rubble to get responders exactly where they need to be. That's the all-new Hyundai Elevate concept, an electric vehicle with robotic legs. Full Story

Mercedes-Benz has made two world premieres in a cringeworthy presentation at CES: its new CLA coupe, complete with mood-reading technology, and a jazzy-looking 12-person autonomous pod concept called the Vision Urbanetic, complete with interactive exterior lighting. Full Story

Panasonic has unveiled its latest 4K OLED flagship TV that packs a few firsts. In addition to being the first TV to pack upward-facing speakers capable of delivering Dolby Atmos audio, the GZ2000 is also the first TV to support both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision formats. Full Story

By automatically alerting emergency contacts via a companion smartphone app as its fired, the Plegium Smart Pepper Spray informs close ones when a victim is in danger, while also triggering a siren and flashing lights that may help deter an attacker. Full Story

For some time now, Bose has been using the car stereo to help cancel out engine noise and give car users a quieter ride. Now the company has announced it's going to extend the system to manage road and tire noise as well - which could have knock-on effects for efficiency and lightweighting. Full Story

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant has made its way into many gadgets since it launched with the Echo smart speaker in 2014. Now music gear firm Roland has created its first Alexa Skill and loaded it into the Go:Piano so that players can chat as they play. Full Story

If you get thirsty while driving, you may soon be able to drink water generated by a system that's built right into your car. The technology could reportedly also provide water for the onsite rinsing of dirty work equipment, or for keeping automotive sensors and engine parts clean. Full Story

There's usually an abundance of new TVs at CES, and the latest models to arrive are from Sony and include the company's first 8K-resolution set for consumers. The Z9G LCD TV is available in 85-inch and 98-inch sizes, to show off all those 33 million pixels. Full Story

Going fully electric and autonomous can beautifully liberate the architecture of vehicles. It allows the cabin or cargo hold to be completely separate from the drivetrain, and it opens up the potential for a fully modular transporter like Panasonic's SPACe_C, unveiled at CES. Full Story

At CES 2019, HTC has unveiled the Vive Pro Eye, which adds eye-tracking to last year's high-end hardware, and the Vive Cosmos, which turns the tracking inside out. On top of that, HTC has outlined software updates to its content subscription service and something called the "Vive Reality System." Full Story

We're big fans of Nura's hearing-adaptive headphone technology, which assesses your hearing and develops an EQ curve just for your ears. Now, Nura has packaged the tech into a set of adaptive Bluetooth earphones called the NuraLoop. Full Story

The flying taxi space is becoming pretty crowded with what you could call audacious vehicle concepts, and Bell has just dropped another one at CES in Las Vegas. The newly unveiled Nexus is a look at the future of transport that turns to a tilting six-rotor design. Full Story

Most dogs are lucky enough to get a regular walk in the great outdoors, but cats miss out. Looking like a giant hamster wheel, the Little Cat is an app-driven machine designed to give our feline friends some much-needed exercise – although whether they'd actually use it remains to be seen. Full Story

Harley-Davidson has fronted up at CES in Las Vegas with partial specifications and a horrific pricetag to stick on its Livewire electric motorcycle. But that's not all. The company has also floated a couple of weird, funky two wheelers that live somewhere between the motorcycle and e-bike worlds. Full Story

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada is enjoying the smell of freshly baked bread thanks to the Walla Walla, Washington-based Wilkinson Baking Company's BreadBot. Making its public debut at CES, the fully automated bread-making machine can crank out 10 loaves per hour. Full Story

We've previously seen VR (virtual reality) platforms that move in response to what's happening onscreen, making for a more immersive experience. Audi, however, is taking the opposite approach. Its new in-car VR setup determines onscreen movements based on what the vehicle is doing in real life. Full Story

As television screen sizes continue to increase, the viewing experience may improve, but the TVs also take up more space within a room. LG has set out to address that problem, with what it claims is the world's first production roll-up OLED TV. Full Story

Back in 2016, Matrix brought us the PowerWatch, a smartwatch powered only by body heat. Since then the company has launched the PowerWatch X, and has now unveiled the PowerWatch 2 with a number of upgrades – including the additional of a solar panel. Full Story

At CES last year, Samsung showed off its new Micro LED display technology in the form of The Wall, a modular 146-in TV. This year there's a more consumer-ready, 75-in version – or if 146 inches wasn't big enough, The Wall has now also been stretched to a ridiculous 219 inches. Full Story

When it comes to hydrating facial skin, along with delivering nutrients to it, ready-made "sheet masks" have become quite popular. Neutrogena is now taking the concept further – its MaskiD system fabricates 3D-printed masks that are customized to the shape and needs of each client's face. Full Story

It was just a couple of years ago that we heard about Lift Foils' eFoil, a surfboard-like personal electric hydrofoil. And while it does look like a lot of fun, it also costs US$12,000. China's Waydoo is now about to provide some competition, though, with its $7,999 Flyer. Full Story

With the mammoth annual tech expo that is CES right around the corner, LG is getting its announcements in early: it's unveiled some of the highlights of its 2019 TV range, including AI-optimized image and audio quality, 8K resolutions, and support for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Full Story

As any recreational angler will know, fish can be a finicky bunch – so when you DO catch one, it's good to keep a record of the location and conditions which allowed that to happen. Cyberfishing's new Smart Rod Sensor is designed to help you do that. Full Story

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