Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are making a big splash, encouraging innovative use space and resources. Here you'll find the latest design ideas for your smaller than average home.

Latest News

  • Towable or stowable tiny house offers a spacious home for two

    New Zealand's Build Tiny recently completed a new model named the Green Hill Farm Tiny House. The home is based on a detachable trailer so can be permanently installed in one place or regularly towed as required, and offers a comfortable and relatively roomy interior for two.
  • Sliding roof opens tiny house bedroom to the sun or stars

    France's Optinid continues its line of novel tiny houses that feature sunroof-like sliding roofs with its Tiny House Franck. The recently-completed home can be opened up to the sun or stars when the weather's nice and also comes with underfloor heating installed for when it isn't.
  • Parasitic tiny house is installed on the roofs of city buildings

    Casa Parásito (Parasite House) is the latest in a long line of parasitic architecture we've covered and offers an interesting take on tiny living. Rather than sitting on wheels like most tiny houses we come across, this model is installed on the roof of an existing inner-city building.
  • Off-grid tiny house is well-suited for home and away

    Build Tiny's latest model was created in collaboration with architecture firm First Light Studio. With its detachable trailer and ability to run either on or off-the-grid as required, the tiny house is well-suited to both life on the road and being parked permanently.
  • Stunning window wall dominates Australian tiny house

    Australian tiny house builders, Designer Eco Tiny Homes has recently finished a stunning tiny house on wheels that boasts a unique window feature wall. Dubbed The Lazy Duck, it has been commissioned to be used as a weekend retreat within the Southern Highlands.
  • Compact tiny house makes space for four with novel pull-down bed

    The Camper Tiny House, by Build Tiny, can be used as a full-time home for dedicated downsizers, but is also well-suited as a vacation home or guest house. The compact and lightweight dwelling can sleep up to four people thanks to a neat bed that pulls down from the ceiling.
  • Dance Tiny House built with family life in mind

    Due to the constraints that come from living in such a small space, tiny houses aren't particularly child-friendly, especially models with upstairs lofts. Build Tiny aims to mitigate this with its Dance Tiny House, which has some safety features to make small living with a child a bit easier.
  • Compact tiny house has extra room for storage and guests

    French firm Baluchon is used to working with very limited space due to the strict towing laws in that part of the world. The firm put this experience to use while designing its latest model, which is home to a couple and their pets, plus has a spare room for guests or storage.
  • The Acorn is small, even by tiny house standards

    Many of the tiny houses we report on nowadays, especially those hailing from North America, are anything but tiny​. Backcountry Tiny Homes​ bucks this trend with a compact model that measures just 16 ft (4.8 m)-long, including its deck.
  • Rusted cabin serves as attractive workspace and shelter

    Powers Construction designed and built the Site Shack to serve as a cosy alternative to the shipping containers and trailers often used as workspaces by project managers on building sites. The attractive cabin is also envisioned as a compact off-grid dwelling.
  • Tiny house fits lots of living space into small footprint

    Build Tiny's latest model is on the smaller side, even for a tiny house, but is packed with space-saving ideas. Designed to squeeze into a small suburban plot, it includes movable cabinetry, a home office, and a loft net that provides additional space to lounge.
  • Massive Canada Goose tiny house is worth a gander

    Mint Tiny House Company recently completed a new model that shares its name with the large Canada Goose bird. This is fitting because the home is huge and certainly up there with the biggest tiny houses we've seen. It measures 43 ft (13 m)-long and offers a very spacious interior layout.