Smart contacts: The future of the wearable you won't even see

November 20, 2019
In the age of wearable computers, scientists in the laboratories of DARPA, Google, and universities around the world see contact lenses not as tools to improve our vision, but as opportunities to augment the human experience. But how? And why?

Inflammation linked with Alzheimer's, reduced cognition and brain fog

November 20, 2019
Several new studies are reporting evidence affirming a growing hypothesis that links inflammation with the cognitive deficits seen in bipolar disorder and Alzheimer’s. It's also suggested low-grade inflammation can result in mental sluggishness.

Karma blazes ahead with 1,100-hp hyper-coupe concept and e-pickup

November 20, 2019
Once again, Karma leaps into an auto show with multiple debuts and announcements. Those start immediately with the impressive SC2, an all-electric 1,100-hp supercar concept, extending through an electrified pickup truck lurking in the shadowy future.

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