New Atlas spent the bulk of last week attending the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, which opened to the public over the weekend and runs through Sunday, December 9. The show is a bit more low-key than in past years, but it still has its fair share of major car debuts and appearances, bringing together more than a century of automotive design. The cars of this year's show include classics from the deep past, modernized icons of the present, and visions of the near and distant future.

A not-so-crazy eight

The Porsche 911 is quite possibly the most iconic sports car the world over, and it's now entering its eighth generation. Porsche describes California as a second home for its world-famous sports car and is using the LA Show as the debut venue for the all-new 911.

The new 911 follows Porsche's usual formula of gradual evolution, gaining tweaked aesthetics, modest performance enhancements via a new-gen 444-hp turbo flat-six, interior updates like a 10.9-in touchscreen-based multimedia system, and new technologies like the standard Wet mode damp-road assistance system. You can look closer at the US$113,200 (before $1,050 delivery fee) 2020 911 in our full article.

Another sports icon goes electric

Most sports car enthusiasts would consider the Corvette a pretty nice destination, but the brains at Maryland's Genovation Cars call it a starting point, building it out into the 800-hp all-electric GXE supercar. The company has set a 190.5-mph (306.6-km/h) standing mile record, topped out at 209 mph (336-km/h), and expects the twin-motor e-Vette to be the world's first street-legal electric car to top 220 mph (354 km/h). Genovation even lets the driver do the shifting with 7-speed manual and dual-clutch gearbox options. It estimates the range of its performance-first creation at 175 miles (282 km).

The GXE isn't debuting in LA, having appeared at previous events like CES 2018, but it's still pulling in plenty of attention in the West Hall atrium. It's available for reservation now, and Genovation will build just 75 models, deliveries to start in mid 2019.

A record year in review

Volkswagen absolutely tamed the Wild West this year. First, it destroyed the all-time Pikes Peak record with a sub-8-minute run in its purpose-built, high-tech I.D. R electric race car. Then it took a properly modified Jetta to the Bonneville Salt Flats and raised the class record up over 210 mph (338 km/h). Two very different but very demanding race environments, two very impressive record-breaking performances.

Both the Bonneville Jetta and I.D. R are taking a little time off and relaxing under the hot lights of LA. Both are worth checking out, but we're a bit partial to the bold looks and larger-than-life aerodynamics of the 670-hp I.D. R.

We've packed the photo gallery with dozens of additional concepts, sports cars, classics, race cars and more. Check it out here.

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