The Geneva Motor Show officially closed its doors for another year on Sunday. With that in mind, we wrap up our coverage with one final photo gallery. Beyond the boundary-pushing performance cars, inventive concept cars and cutting-edge electrified vehicles that set the show floor buzzing, there was an unofficial group of vehicles dedicated to the purest forms of automotive adventure, vehicles ranging from all-terrain supercars to pilgrimage-ready camper vans. If your idea of a proper automobile is less about cutting the shortest route between A and B and more about creating a thrilling and memorable journey between those end points – or no particular end points at all – then these are the Geneva vehicles for you.

A loyal ski partner

Geneva is a stone's throw from all the ski glory of the Swiss Alps, so it wasn't too surprising to see a small trend of ski-topped cars at this year's show. This 1965 Porsche 911 probably wouldn't be our first choice to actually make the drive over snowy Alpine passes, but it was our favorite ski-weekend shuttle of the show.

Après ski

The Land Rover Defender is a more surefooted choice for a first tracks-chasing ski chariot, and this variant from Twisted Automotive even brings its own après ski party. Sure, it'll be more subdued than a steamy packed bar in Verbier, but tailgate champagne will be a lot cheaper than table-side bottle service.

Taking off into a new era of automotive trailblazing

What could possibly be more adventurous than being one of the pioneering pilots of the flying car the world's been waiting on for decades? That's a new level of "off road," and the limited edition Pal-V Liberty Pioneer debuts as the first production flying car making it possible.

Pure automotive adrenaline, on and off road

A true "adventure vehicle" archetype, the GFG Style Kangaroo concept brings limit-pushing performance to all roads, tracks and trails. Whatever your destination, and whatever the terrain that separates you from it, the 483-hp all-terrain electric drive, adjustable hydraulic suspension and four-wheel steering get you there with speed and style.

The "e-volution" of AWD electric tech

If you still aren't sure that electrics and hybrids were a really a big deal in Geneva, consider this: even Jeep took some time to highlight plug-in technology. The 1.3-liter turbo/electric powertrain featured in both the Compass and Renegade PHEVs at the show puts out up to 240 hp, offers 31 miles (50 km) of all-electric driving, and even promises some off-road performance-boosting torque control. Jeep will be rolling out a series of plug-in variants over the next few years.

Jump to the gallery for a closer look at the latest #vanlife options, the top floor of premium SUV options, an 850-hp angry bull of a quad-cycle, and more two-, three- and four-wheeled adventure from Geneva 2019.

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